t-JAYS Four iOS (U.P: $138)

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t-JAYS Four (For iOS) - U.P $138 (20% off)

The top-of-the-line edition of our award winning t-JAYS Series is a premium music experience that offers you sheer power for control. With the incredibly light and durable t-JAYS Four earphones, you will find an impressive level of attention to detail.


Powerful, patented DSP software

JAYS Curves is a powerful but easy-to-use app developed specially for t-JAYS Four. By incorporating patented Dirac HD Sound®, a technology also used in professional music studios and by luxury carmakers such as Rolls Royce, our engineers and Dirac’s scientists have created a software sound processor tailored for t-JAYS Four. Now you can enjoy a truly authentic music experience with lifelike sound, from the increased clarity to a deeper bass response.


Exceptional sound

Listen to the music by your favorite artists the way it was meant to be heard — rich, detailed and natural. By using high performance magnets in our custom 10mm TCD dynamic driver, the precision audio technology in t-JAYS Four earphones deliver a deep and powerful bass along with amazingly crisp and clear vocals for an exceptional music experience.


High-performance microphone

Experience crystal-clear speech quality with the high-performance, low-power MEMS microphone in the t-JAYS Four. This innovative technology enables dramatic improvements in call quality by cancelling out active noise and echo, which means no more raising your voice to be heard even in noisy environments. Unlike most microphones, which degrade over time, we use mic-magnets that recharge each time your earphones are plugged in, ensuring high-performance audio for a long time to come.


Seamless control

You control your music experience with the full-feature 3-button in-line controller, encased with an omni-directional mic in its slim body. The JAYS SMART-feel soft-touch buttons give you an easy grip so you won't fumble the controls by mistake. Now you can manage your calls and enjoy your music seamlessly, whether you’re commuting to work or working out at the gym, all without having to dig out your phone.


Two-way fit

Your comfort is our absolute priority. Based on ergonomic principles and years of research and experience, t-JAYS Four’s unique angled shape is crafted to rest in your ear securely and comfortably even for long periods. It also allows a two-way fit: you can wear them the traditional way, or with the cable over and behind your ears. This way of wearing helps reduce cable noise and improves ergonomics by shifting part of the weight to your ear.


Extendable cables

You probably have a preferred place to store your phone, whether it's in your back pocket, your jacket, or somewhere else. Forget the hassle of too-short cables that yank themselves out of the plug or too-long cables that get everywhere. In addition to the standard 24-inch (60cm) earphone cable, you also get a 28-inch (70cm) extension so you can choose the right cable length for the occasion.


Best in class technology

We made Curves because the right hardware components and software optimization has allowed us to surpass previous standards in sound quality. The improved impulse response means the sound reproduction is even more accurate than before, a difference you will pick up on with the in-app digital HD sound filter option. Specially developed to satisfy those looking for exceptional sound, Curves uses best-in-class technology.


Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad

The t-JAYS Four are developed for one purpose only. To match your iPod, iPhone or iPad and let you enjoy and get as much out of them as possible. Not only do the features and buttons provide you with full control, but the design is also made to match your iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 perfectly.


Find out more about the t-Jays Four here.



This Product comes with  2 Years Warranty.


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