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t-JAYS Three (Audio Only)

Look no further when you want that extra edge in your music experience. t-JAYS Three have been engineered for accurate sound reproduction with enhanced details, bringing you closer to your music and to capture the magic of a live performance experience.


Precise sound reproduction

Housing a powerful custom 10mm TCD driver that uses high-performance magnets, t-JAYS Three earphones produce sound the way it was meant to be heard. The powerful and robust bass, made possible by a vented bass port with an acoustic filter ensures that you will enjoy a memorable music experience every single time.


Effective noise-isolation

Enjoy a rich and fulfilling music experience even in noisy environments without turning up the volume thanks to our noise-isolating silicone sleeves. These comfortable sleeves are designed to effectively seal in sound and block out ambient noise, which means that you get to enjoy better and clearer sound at the same volume.


Accessories bring it all together

t-JAYS Three earphones come packed with a range of accessories to enhance your music experience.

With 5 sizes of silicone sleeves, choose the pair that fits you most naturally. These soft, washable silicone sleeves isolate noise by creating a seal, and they rest comfortably in your ear canals for long periods of use.

When you're traveling, use your a-JAYS Three earphones with the included in-flight adapter to get a premium audio experience. Sharing music with your friends has never been easier than with the stereo splitter. To top it all off, you also get a travel case to keep your earphones and accessories safe and secure.


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