FOCAL Super Bird 2.1 Sound System (U.P: $2288)

SGD $1,888.00


FOCAL Super Bird 2.1 Sound System

A true, ultra-compact audio system, this system 2.1 connects to classic audio/video sources (Blu-Ray, CD, DVD...) as well as the most recent ones thanks to wireless transmission from iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® or a computer.

The Bird system is a bold statement of compact and designer quality Hifi, as it is very easy to install and user-friendly, and can produce totally stunning sound in rooms of 80m2 and more.


Sound System Includes: 

2 x Super Bird

Flat panels are getting larger and larger and leave no space for the sound system. Super Bird is the perfect solution to match to your flat panel, so your beautiful high definition videos can finally get the sound they deserve. High-quality sound, great efficiency and stunning bass will also express themselves with any kind of stereo sound.


1 x Power Bird

With Power Bird, new horizons open up for Bird. This is not only an amplifier to drive the loudspeakers as well as the compact and flat subwoofer, but also manage current or future audio formats. Power Bird gathers many functions that were once controlled by several devices. So that’s fewer boxes in the living-room!


Find out more about the Super Bird 2.1 Sound System here


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